We are a design studio that helps organizations work better

We solve our clients' problems while fostering financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

We make specific solutions for specific problems

Sustainable Business Innovation Workshop

Find new opportunities, fast. Rediscover your business model and uncover options for sustainable innovation within a single day.

Research Sprint

Understand why people behave the way they do. Identify problems, fill knowledge gaps, and create positive change with the plan that we will co-develop in two weeks.

Design Sprint

Find out if your idea works. Reduce your go-to-market risk by developing, validating, and testing your solution over the course of 6 weeks.

Train The Trainer Program

Empower your people to dare and innovate. Give  your employees the skills they need to find and lead your next great venture within a few weeks. 

Our work is framed by three big questions


1/ How can businesses succeed while showing respect to society and the planet?

Foster functional teams that support your company through any challenge. Focus on innovations with positive social impact. Make services and products that help your customers as well as the employees.

We trained a core team of 10 in the application of Design Sprint methodology. This team served as the catalyst to enabling organization-wide agility and responsivness.

We took a great, but hard-to-understand product and turned it into an accessible service. Using market research insights, we helped unleash an industry-changing product.


2/ How can nonprofit organizations in Central Europe increase their impact?

Foster flexibility and a business mindset within your organization. Create a system for securing stable financing. Develop your public image and raise awareness, generating productive partnerships.

We gained understanding about the passive supporters of the movement. Through a series of workshops, we guided the Duha team from idea to product.

We guided a group of experts toward their vision of a sustainable and responsible Czech environment and resource management.


3/ How can public sector institutions improve their accessibility?

Digitalize and simplify processes. Listen to people's needs and increase efficiency. Patiently implement changes despite natural resistance to change.

We helped JIC update their internal processes to reflect the new brand identity.

Despite disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic to our design thinking training, we regrouped and created a new service with UNIPA in just 4 days.

Our role is threefold


We engage the right people at the right time to ensure project success

by creating and leading workshops that teach practical design skills we help teams become agile, creative, and effective


We inspire the project vision and guide step-by-step implementation

by understanding clients and users, visualizing data, and finding opportunities, we help clients create and test prototypes and design effective communications that improve their impact


We help the client make the right decisions for the right reasons

by creating the vision and a strategy to achieve it, plus providing consulting, support, and project oversight, we help organizations transform

One size doesn't fit all

Let's find a solution that works for you

Marek Mencl