We are Service Designers

Enabling you to meet financial targets while respecting human and planetary needs.

For Kooperativa, an insurance company, we developed a way to both minimize the risk of property damage and make Czech nature more resilient to climate change.

Together with the Czech Union of Midwives, we established a low cost approach to systematically improve the quality of care for families who lost a child during pregnancy or birth.

We helped Eurowag find ways to safely involve the employees in the process of business model transformation and support them in adopting new modes of working.

We have differentiated Život90's emergency care service for seniors from growing competition by clarifying its identity and offering, strengthening its financial stability as a result.

We helped Česká spořitelna capitalize on their investments into developing BankID by kick-starting the process of implementing the technology into their services.

We are your partners for sustainable development

In a short time, we will identify sustainable ways of ensuring your organization's prosperity. We accomplish bold visions by taking small steps that deliver results without risking too much.

We will create and deploy your sustainable strategy.

  • Assessing risks and opportunities

  • Creating transformative scenarios

  • Defining competitive advantage and value proposition

  • Stakeholder mapping & coalition building

Service Design
We will increase value and impact of your services. From design through deployment to further development.

  • Mapping current trends and opportunities

  • Designing user journeys

  • Creating and testing prototypes

  • Deploying and evaluating services

  • Project & stakeholder management

We will increase your organization's resiliency and participation of your people in decision making.

  • Running creative & innovation workshops
  • Facilitating strategic planning
  • Clarifying goals and priorities
  • Communicating organizational changes

We combine analytical thinking with creativity and empathy

In close collaboration with you, we will find a way to your prosperity that uses as little resources as possible and still enables a decent living.

Our ambition is to help you meet your financial targets while nurturing conditions for the long term prosperity of our society.

On our projects, we actively seek opportunities to contribute to regeneration of natural resources and enhancement of human wellbeing – so that, in the future, our society will continue to have everything it needs to secure its prosperity.

Since 2015, we find practical use to our knowledge of design, behavioral science, change management, business and systems thinking.

We also continuously develop our understanding of environmental and societal topics – learning on our own as well as in collaboration with experts.

Let's discuss your way to prosperity

Marek Mencl
CEO & Sustainable Strategy
+420 774 444 012

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